Acura Training

24 Dec

Early this December I was privileged to participate in some of the training the Butler sales staff receives whenever a new model is slated to arrive on the lot. It was a dreary Friday morning when Acura representative Joel drove up in the shiny new Acura TSX Sport Wagon (see blog “The TSX Sport Wagon is Here!”) . Maneuvering took place to allow him to pull the TSX into the showroom. Rows of seats and a TV monitor were assembled. There were doughnuts for everyone (not really applicable but a treat, nonetheless). It was nothing if not a production.

But then, Joel got down to business. For three hours he broke the TSX down for us. Videos and slides underscored everything from safety features to the sound system, and compared the car to its competitors. We learned the market the car was designed for; which people in what circumstances might want to buy it. We even took tests to make certain the plethora of information had been sufficiently absorbed.

And just when it looked like training might be over, Joel led us to the car. He opened the hood and explained what was where and why it mattered. He pointed out the smallest of details, like the stitching on the seats, the shape of the grill. He went so far as to invite as many of us as would fit, into the car where we sat, travelers at a standstill, while he cranked the stereo and let us, literally, get a feel for it.

The kicker was, Butler didn’t even have the TSX on its lot yet. We were scheduled to take delivery of our first two around Christmas.  Even before we had one to sell our staff knew all about it!  At that point in the process, you would’ve expected that they could quote you a price. But our guys could also have told you, from firsthand experience, whether the TSX was comfortable, or roomy enough for your family of five.

And get this. When we finally do take delivery our first TSX Sport Wagon, we’re scheduled to go through yet another round of training.

I wonder if there will be doughnuts.

(Our first TSX Sport Wagon was delivered to Butler Acura in Ashland as of 12/22/2010.)