My Acura NSX Adventure

27 Dec

As tempting as it may be, I promise to avoid blogging solely about how terrifically cool (insert vehicle here) is. But today, there’s no other choice. Because today I’m taking my first ever ride in the sports car reviewer Phillip Greenspun called the answer to “the question “What if a big company took engineering seriously?”: The Acura NSX. (

It’s funny how time collapses on itself. I first heard about the NSX when then-rap star Vanilla Ice bought one circa 1994. That purchase was discussed in hush tones, as if Ice (hey, we’re tight) had somehow broken the code that said rich rap stars had to spurge on a high performance ride that screamed, well, rich rap star. The NSX doesn’t scream (at least not until you hit a certain RPM). It doesn’t need to. It draws attention without being demanding. It’s a class act on wheels.

And I’m in the passenger seat! Again, internet sales manager Peter McFadden is the one hooking me up with my car fix. This time he’s behind the wheel because the car belongs to Butler Auto Group owner, Chuck Butler, and Chuck trusts no one but Pete with his baby.
The NSX is a low-slung convertible that isn’t deep enough to seat the 6’ 6” Pete. Given that the car usually resides in the showroom, the top’s down, so Pete’s forehead towers above the windshield. Given that it’s a 30-degree day, Pete’s probably still defrosting. I, on the other hand, cannot believe that none of that cold air sinks into the car. I’m *warm* (which rarely happens in my world). Not only that but, Pete and I carry on a conversation. Even at high speeds the wind noise is nil.

And yes, there are high speeds. In the interest of preventative medicine (we don’t want to give Chuck… or my mom, for that matter… a heart attack), I’ll just say we sped. Briefly. In light traffic.

We’re only on the road for a short while… because, you know, we are supposed to be working…but, what a rush! The NSX is fast, tight and, the part Pete gets a kick out of, rare to see in Southern Oregon. We turn heads everywhere. Even the woman flagging for ODOT gives us a grin.

Yep, no worries about endless blogs waxing poetic about this vehicle or that… if for no other reason than the NSX might be hard to beat.