Bond. James Bond.

19 Jan

It’s not often I feel like James Bond. But all it took to get me there was an afternoon behind the wheel of the last Acura ZDX on Butler’s Ashland lot.

First, it was fast. And not just fast but, zippy. The automatic transmission is responsive and the ride much smoother than you might expect from an SUV.

Second, like all things Bond, the ZDX has its hidden features. The handles to the rear doors are tucked into the car in keeping with the sleek look of a coupe. The interior sports cubbies galore for your phone, sunglasses, pens, and anything else you want ready access to while traveling.

And third, let’s face it, it’s wicked-lookin’. Honestly, that’s my favorite part although, it truly is a ball to drive. An afternoon was all it took to know I could get in serious speeding trouble in a ZDX, especially when asked by the officer to give my name… I just might reply, “Bond. James Bond.”

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