An Example of How Supply and Demand Affects Us All

11 Apr

As if the past couple years haven’t provided economic and humanitarian lessons enough, look to fallout from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to illustrate the concepts of supply-and-demand and interconnectedness. Let’s use automaker Acura as an example.

The natural disasters struck March 11 leaving behind unimaginable devastation. Acura’s parent company, Honda, was directly affected in the Tochigi area. One employee died in the quake; seventeen others were severely injured.

By mid-March, Honda announced it would suspend operations at 6 locations until at least March 20th, potentially affecting production of the Acura TSX and RL models. While other Japanese car manufacturers located outside the damage zone fared better, many of their suppliers weren’t so lucky and are no longer able to operate. A lack of supplies translates into halted production. Halted production equals shortened supply. And you know what shortened supply means… fewer options for us locally.

All of which goes to show how small the world really is. We at Butler Acura are thrilled to announce we recently took delivery of our first 2012 Acura TL… given the current state of Japanese auto manufacturing, it could be our last for a while. Supply, at least of certain vehicles, may be tight.

Yet our hearts go out to our extended Acura family, and our minds turn to the real lesson in the shaking earth, destructive waves and overwhelming suffering: that compassion is the one commodity that can always meet demand.