Acura Partners with Indie Rock Band Metric to Market the ILX to Gen Y

4 Sep

It’s a big year in terms of Acura “firsts”.  This summer the company released the first ever ILX, an entry level compact luxury sedan.  To market the car, Acura’s partnered with Indie rock band Metric.  The idea is to meet members of the target market (ie. young adults) where they live. Acura Brand Manager Susie Rossick says, “This first of its kind Acura integration allows the brand to meaningfully engage with a band that is recognizable and favored among Gen Y.”  The collaboration was timed to coincide with the release earlier this summer of Metric’s new album, Synthetica.  The music and the ILX are being featured in a handful of invitation only concerts in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia, and fans can access exclusive content and sweepstakes on Acura and Metric’s Facebook pages.

If Metric’s tunes sound familiar you may have heard them on a number of movies and television shows.  Acura’s hoping the band’s popularity will help introduce a new demographic to the possibility of owning a luxury vehicle;  The sporty ILX starts at less than $26,000.  And music fans will be thrilled to note it comes standard with Pandora internet radio interface.