DVD Release of “The Avengers” Will Show More Acura

11 Sep

If you were as disappointed as we that Acura wasn’t more prominently featured in Marvel’s The Avengers earlier this year, you’ll be happy to know you’ll see more of the automaker’s product when the DVD comes out in a few weeks.  The blog www.AcuraConnected.com (which is in no way affiliated with Acura or Honda) is reporting that a deleted 3-minute clip highlighting the Acura RDX will be added back into the extended version of the DVD before its release.  Here’s how acuraconnected.com describes that portion of the film:  “The scene itself is rather interesting, revealing how Steve Rogers is forced to quickly transition into the current time. As he walks through a busy Manhattan street, he passes an Acura dealership and glances over at a new 2013 RDX behind a really cool, high-tech glass display.”

If you’re a serious Acura fan you may already have viewed the deleted scene on-line before copyright issues forced its removal.  If you haven’t, no worries, you don’t have long to wait.  The Avengers Blue-Ray disc and DVD is scheduled to hit shelves September 25, 2012.

In the meantime, we wondered just how frequently Acura products have appeared on the big and little screens.  So we turned to the Internet Movie Cars Database… and were stunned!  The Integra alone has been used in 213 movie and television shows!  Check out the list here.  And tell us which one’s your favorite!  Before The Avengers, that is.