is a Great Resource for Owners

2 Oct

Buying a car can be exciting, stressful, and overwhelming.  And while we hope you leave the dealership thrilled with your purchase, chances are you’ll eventually have questions – about your car’s features  or warranty or upkeep, to name a few.  Enter, a great site for Acura owners to get those questions answered.  Once you register and identify the model you’re interested in learning about you’ll have access to video tutorials, service and maintenance schedules and specials, troubleshooting tips, ideas to keep your Acura looking its best, owner’s manuals, warranty information, and parts and accessories options.  There’s even a blog where owners can post their Acura stories!  If you post one, be sure to let us know so we can share in your Acura excitement!

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  1. do i have to use premium gas in my 2015 rdx sale person told me no your sight says yes which is it?

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