What a Year at Butler Acura!

2 Jan

Kaylajillphotography-64Let me start with a whole hearted “Thank you!” to all our Butler Acura Sales and Service customers!  With your help we increased sales year over year by 89% and hit 112% of the 2012 sales goals set for us by Acura Corporate.  Those two things together add up to the best year for new car sales in recent Butler Acura history!

After such a great year we are not about to rest on our laurels.  Planned improvements to sales and service will result in a better selection of cars for your future purchases and a more comfortable facility.  And new hires in the service department will reduce your waiting times.

As for staff, we will maintain our wonderful service department led by Joe Butterfield with master certified tech Chris May leading technicians in their training and development.  On the sales side we’ve made some staffing changes.  For those of you who don’t know me I am Peter McFadden, Butler Acura Sales Manager.  For most of the past six years I had the privilege of meeting most Acura clients.  Six months ago I moved from our Acura store to Butler Hyundai and Kia in Medford to continue my automotive education.  Then, in October 2011 I was honored to take the helm of Butler Automotive Group’s luxury brand with an eye on making it more than it already was.

We have kept John Oliviera as our senior Acura product specialist.  John’s customer service skills are fantastic and he makes the process of buying a car easy and fun.  He’s worked hard to learn the brand and is already on his way to being among Butler’s elite sales consultants.  John prides himself on making sure his customers are lifelong members of the Butler Acura Family.

John and I are joined by another of the company’s senior sales consultants from our Hyundai Store, Dave Peterson.  Don’t let the fact that he is new to the Acura brand fool you.  Dave completed Acura training faster than any other sales consultant with the exception of myself in the past six years and is rapidly becoming our Acura technology expert.  Having been Hyundai and Kia certified for the last few years, Dave brings a new enthusiasm and perspective to the Acura store.  Add to that the fact that he’s almost completed the grueling Ford Certification, as well, and Dave is poised to become the only Butler Sales Consultant certified in all brands we sell.

What does all this mean?  It means Butler Acura’s future is brighter than ever before.  With exciting new products like the Acura RLX, successor to the RL, on the horizon we look forward to a huge year with your help.

PeterMcFadden2So, whether you recently joined our family or have been a member for years, thank you  for helping make 2012 a phenomenal year.  May 2013 be even better!

Happy New Year to you and yours,

Peter McFadden / Sales Manager, Butler Acura