Acura, Arizona, and the Amazing 2014 RLX

4 Feb


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After four flights that turned into five, followed by an eight hour drive that got us back to Medford a day and a half late, you’d think our mood after attending Acura training in Arizona might have soured.  But, no!  We walked into work that Saturday morning more excited than we had been since the 2009 introduction of the all-wheel drive TL.  Acura sure knows how to throw a training session!  The photo to the left is a shot of the resort Acura put us up in and, believe me, the picture does not do it justice.  We spent the week in a beautiful scene in the middle of the Arizona desert getting to know some great Acura people from all over the country.  We were all there for one reason:  to be introduced to Acura’s new flagship sedan, the RLX.  And, let me tell you, the car didn’t just live up to the hype… it blew the hype out of the water!  Sporting beautiful lines, great amenities, and industry leading technology, the RLX all but screams, “We are Acura!  THIS is what an Acura IS!”

RLX headlightsHighlighted by its jewel-eyed headlights the car’s exterior is beautiful and demands attention.  Fluid lines and subtle contours herald luxury and refinement.  But it isn’t until you get behind the wheel that you find the vehicle’s soul.  With the RLX Acura’s taken already advanced technologies one step further.  For example, Acura’s improved adaptive cruise control by adding Low Speed Follow, a feature that allows cruise control at any speed .  Unlike all other adaptive cruise systems that turn off at 25 mph, Acura’s stays on even when you come to a halt.  Even in stop-and-go traffic a push of the resume button keeps you moving without your having to constantly ride the pedals.  Butler Acura sales consultants John Oliveria and Dave Peterson were both heard gushing that the “technology is so good it drives itself.”  We were also awed by Acura’s new AcuraLink system which includes a mobile app with remote start and vehicle diagnostic functions.  Even better is Acura’s first true 911 Assist programming which connects to an emergency dispatcher in the event of air bag deployment.

There’s so much about the RLX to love but nothing we say can compare with experiencing it first-hand.   We expect our first RLX to be delivered to our Ashland store this month.  Until then, learn more by watching the video below.  We’ll also be writing about the phenomenal driving experience.  So, look for that blog on February 15th, and then come drive an RLX a full month before they officially go on sale, and find out for yourself what all the hype’s about!  See you soon!

~ Peter McFadden, Butler Acura Sales Manager

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