Driving the 2014 Acura RLX

19 Feb
Up close and personal with a 2014 Acura RLX in Crystal Black Pearl.

Up close and personal with a 2014 Acura RLX in Crystal Black Pearl.

Acura wants you to have time to get used to the all new 2014 RLX.  The auto maker sent Butler Acura two of the luxury sedans – one a rich Crystal Black Pearl, the other Bella Nova White Pearl.  Crystal Black is a demo.  It’s here to be driven.  Bella Nova is for display purposes and is sitting pretty in the Butler Acura showroom while we wait for mid-March when the RLX models will finally go on sale.

But that black one… it’s been calling to me.  So, today’s lunch break saw the two of us fleeing the dealership in an attempt to get familiar with each other.

Much has been said about the RLX (read some of it here) so I’ll just tell you what struck me about Acura’s new flagship sedan:

1.  The heated seats emanate heat from the back rest as well as the bottom seat cushion.  Yes, this truly was the first thing I noticed as heat is big in my world.

2. The quiet.  It’s delicious how silent the ride is.

3.  The sound system.  Once all that silence gets old, crank up the tunes and be wowed by the Krell audio system.

4.  The touch screen.  In and of itself the touch screen is not a new concept.  But the touch screen in the RLX pulses in response to your touch (Haptic Feedback).  It’s trippy and makes me giggle.

5.  The Lane Departure Warning System.  The RLX watches the lines on the road even when you don’t.  Drive over one on either side of the vehicle and a warning light on the dash will flash.

6.  The Blind Spot Information System.  Every car has a blind spot and, depending on which vehicle you’re in, that blind spot can be tiny or large enough to swallow an F-250.  The RLX features an appropriately placed icon (near each side mirror) that illuminates if there is a vehicle in your blind spot.  I gave thanks for this more than once.

7.  The leg room.  Not in front.  That’s never been an issue for my 5’4″ self.  In the back!  Even the tallest among us would be comfy back there!

8.  The envious glances.  The RLX beautifully embodies understated elegance.  One fan even nodded at the car while commenting, “My, you’re doing well for yourself.”  Given that it’s my job to “test” drive such gorgeous machines, I’d say yes… yes, I am.