The 2014 Acura MDX is Here!

18 Jun

You know how traveling often makes you feel a little grungy, in need of sprucing up?  That’s how brand new vehicles from the manufacturer arrive at Butler.  After spending days being pulled behind a semi you’d be covered in dust, too.  Not to mention there’s some small amount of “unpacking” that goes into readying a vehicle for the lot.  Exterior and interior parts are often wrapped in protective covering that needs to be removed.  Each vehicle must be inspected to make certain it’s been delivered with all its correct parts and that those parts are where they’re supposed to be.  Finally, each car, truck, or SUV gets a thorough bath.  Only then is it given a spot on the lot.

But before it gets put on display there’s small chunk of lull time when each vehicle awaits its turn in the shop.  This is when I love getting my first glimpse of a new model because all that travel grime and plastic wrap shrouds each vehicle in a small degree of mystery.  The feeling is akin to shaking a present before tearing off the paper – you don’t yet have a complete picture of what’s inside but the shape says it’s probably that golf club or basektball or big screen TV you wanted!

Anyway, that’s where we are with a slew of new Acura models.  I counted at least three 2014 MDX models (although I hear five were delivered) and even more 2014 RDXs in line for inspecting and washing.  That means we can look forward to their long heralded debut sometime tomorrow… You know, in case you want to make a little trip of your own down to Butler Acura!