Acura is Sole Sponsor of Ground-Breaking Jerry Seinfeld Show

23 Jul

comediansIt might seem counterintuitive that a single automotive brand would sponsor Jerry Seinfeld’s show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, primarily because the program features the comedian driving a variety of vehicles of many makes and models. But Acura is so fond of Seinfeld’s creation that it’s happy to settle for a few product placements and commercial bookends at the top and bottom of the show. The program focuses on the comic and a guest comedian of his choice as they travel to a coffee shop and indulge in java. That’s it. The entertainment’s in the conversation that occurs along the way. “We love Jerry’s unconventional, fan-first approach of creating great content and trusting that the right people will find it,” says Mike Accavitti, Acura Senior Vice President of Auto Operations. “It is totally consistent with Acura’s organic approach of putting the customer first and building the vehicle around them.” You can watch full episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee at or For the full Acura press release click here.