Meet Butler Acura Sales Consultant Dave Peterson

31 Dec

Dave Peterson WebIn a roundabout kind of way Butler Acura sales consultant Dave Peterson can thank the Air Force for his job. When he was growing up in Akron, Ohio Dave couldn’t wait to get out of town. So much so that he joined up halfway through his senior year.

In school, he was an athlete engaged in football, baseball, wrestling and track but, in the service he put his brain to work as a systems analyst/computer programmer for which he eventually got his degree. The Air Force took him all over the world: Greece, Guam, and all the US states but Alaska.

When Dave retired out of the service after 20 years the computer degree landed him a gig as IT Director at a company in Ashland. It was while living in Ashland and attending a dinner party that Dave happened to be chatting with another former Airman who told him he’d be perfect for a job in the auto industry. As it turned out, he put a in a good word that got Dave got hired… And Dave couldn’t be happier. “I was so used to having my head buried in a computer,” he says. Now he’s enjoying working in sales at Butler Acura “talking with and meeting people, and learning about their interests.”

When he’s not working you’ll find Dave with his two boys. “Being a dad is the greatest joy and learning experience,” he says. He’s also pursuing a degree in political science and history, and contemplating going for his master’s degree or teaching certificate. Other passions include golf, racquetball, motorcycles and travel, including a plan to finally visit Alaska, after all.