Acura MDX Stands for Luxury

22 Apr
2014 MDX: Multi-Dimensional LuXury

2014 MDX: Multi-Dimensional LuXury

There’s no doubt Acura (aka: Honda) puts out a quality product but one detail has always perplexed us:  the auto maker’s naming system.  Each vehicle is given a three-letter name – like MDX, RDX, ILX – that some of us find difficult to remember much less assign to the correct vehicle.

So I’m pleased to read in The Sentinal out of Pennsylvania that there might be a rationale as to that naming system.  The publication’s website recently posted a glowing article about the all-new 2014 Acura MDX SUV.  We’re always happy to read positive reviews of the makes and models we sell but the ’14 MDX has received a lot of press, most of it more than complimentary, so that’s not what caught our attention.  Instead, we were thrilled by a single sentence fragment that reads “Acura chose MDX as the utility vehicle’s badge, to signify “Multi-Dimensional luxury…”  Hold up!  You mean to tell us those letters actually stand for something?  Suh-weeeeeeet!  Maybe knowing that will help us remember what we’re supposed to call that beautiful, spacious, comfortable SUV everyone’s talking about.

Now, if only we could say the same about the rest of the Acura line.