Something To Talk About – Acura’s 2016 ILX

5 Feb

Really, are we really talking about new vehicles for 2016? Yes, we are! And Acura’s outdone themselves with the breath-taking 2016 ILX. They’ve truly captured “lighting in a throttle” with their 8-speed, torque converter dual clutch. This new transmission can shift faster than you can!

ILXNEWSome other noteworthy features of the fresh ILX include distinguished, high-performance Jewel Eye®LED headlights and AcuraWatch. What is AcuraWatch? It’s Acura’s innovative way of keeping you safe – from beside and behind. Here’s how Acura explains it, “It’s radar backup for your blindspot. A high-tech tape measure to the detected car ahead of you. It’s reassurance on busy highways and crowded parking lots. Braking assistance when events unfold too quickly.”

We’re expecting these intriguing new ILX’s to hit the showroom in the next couple of months! We’ll keep you posted on when they arrive so you can come experience the “Thrill of an Acura” yourself. In the meantime, check out this imaginative video of how Acura caught lighting in a bottle – which gave rise to this stunning new vehicle. Enjoy!