AcuraWatch Makes Acuras Some of the Safest Vehicles on the Road

3 Sep

ilxintAcura is known for seamlessly integrating innovative technology into luxury vehicles. From the first vehicle to come standard with Sirius XM satellite radio to the first vehicle to feature automatic front and rear climate control, Acura has long been a pioneer in perfecting the technological side of the driving experience. AcuraWatch, the suite of safety technologies introduced by Acura in 2014, continues in this tradition by utilizing state-of-the-art technology to make driving safely easier than ever.

Acura’s Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) is an ideal example of how AcuraWatch can assist even the most alert driver. CMBS operates in three stages:

  1. When the vehicle’s camera and wave radar first detect a risk of collision, CMBS issues an audible and visual warning
  2. When the driver fails to react to that warning and the distance from the object lessens, CMBS issues warnings and lightly applies the brake, potentially alerting the driver of the need to take action.
  3. When the first steps do not get the driver’s attention and collision is imminent, CMBS continues its warnings and fully applies the brakes while also preparing the seat belts for collision.

acurardxAcuraWatch’s Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) uses a windshield-mounted camera to determine where the vehicle is traveling relative to painted lines on the road. If the car begins to veer outside of its lane without the use of a turn signal, LKAS issues a visual and audible warning, but can also be set to provide steering assistance and actually keep the car in its lane by using counteracting steering torque.

One of the most appealing AcuraWatch features is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC,) which takes classic cruise control into a new era. Drivers can now set a cruising speed as well as a distance to maintain from the vehicle in front of them. Cruise control enthusiasts are likely familiar with the frustration of having to constantly set and reset their speed to match the car in front of them on long drives; ACC eliminates that frustration by perfecting cruise control, and can even take a vehicle to a complete stop in case of emergency.

acuraloveAs impressive as Collision Mitigation Braking, Lane Keeping Assist, and Adaptive Cruise Control are, they’re only three of the many features that make up AcuraWatch, which for the first time can be installed on any trim level. As great as these innovations sound, they’re even better on the road. We would love to show you what everyone’s talking about!