Celebrate Labor Day by Saving on a 2015 TLX

3 Sep

tlx111Labor Day is dedicated to celebrating the contributions of America’s legion of workers, and Butler Acura is happy to be able to honor that heritage of hard work with a Labor Day Sales Event. This year, we’ve extended our sale on all 2015 TLX models in stock until September 8th, 2015, and we’re excited about sharing these savings on a really remarkable vehicle. We’re passionate about the newest member of the Acura family, so we’re taking this opportunity to sing its praises.

The TLX faced heavy expectations from its introduction. It’s not every car’s lot in life to fill the shoes of another vehicle, yet the TLX was introduced to replace not only the sporty TSX, but also the luxurious TL. How can one car replace both the lightest vehicle in Acura’s lineup and one of the most comfortable, well-equipped cars on the road?

For one thing, the TLX is both lightweight and fuel efficient when compared to its competitors. The TLX boasts impressive fuel economy for its segment, and weighs 3.1% less than its direct competitors do on average. These factors combine to make the TLX a joy to drive both on and off the highway, a tightrope not all luxury sedans manage to walk so nimbly.

If the TLX pays tribute to the slimmer, sportier TSX with its sheer drivability, it shows the full brunt of its luxury heritage with its design and amenities. Its handsome exterior is complimented by a jaw-dropping interior, full of leather that manages to feel as high-end as it looks, and its 42.6 inches of front-seat legroom make the TLX virtually unassailable in its ability to provide comfort to taller drivers.

We’re thrilled that Acura created such a dynamic vehicle in its first model year of production, and we’re excited to extend savings on new TLX models in stock through September 8th, 2015.

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  1. TLX faced several expectations from its introductory period. Due to the Labor Day, TLX has introduced offers and with which you can save several percentages of cost till September 2015.

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