Test Drive: 2016 Acura RDX

26 Sep

2016-Acura-RDX-1The 2016 Acura RDX is a vehicle that has come of age, leaving its wilder early years behind in favor of a more refined, polished package. The crossover market is more crowded than ever, and the RDX stands out from the pack inside and out. We took the new RDX for a drive around town to see how well the smaller of Acura’s two SUVs could perform the duties of a five-passenger cruiser. Let’s just say we were not disappointed!

The RDX makes a strong first impression; if the confident lines of its exterior don’t win you over, the impeccable leather that permeates its interior will. We took our trip to a restaurant we’ve never been to as an excuse to familiarize ourselves with Acura’s voice recognition system. We were able to set the climate control for both the driver and passenger side of the vehicle, change the Sirius XM Satellite Radio station, and input our location into the navigation system.

The navigation system was unobtrusive, never chiming in unnecessarily, and visual cues on our dash and center console made it easy to remember our next turn. When we hit the highway, we found ourselves rooting for a situation we avoid in our personal vehicles: sudden brake lights. We wanted to test out the RDX’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC.) Before we had been on the road for five minutes, we got our wish.

Setting up the ACC is intuitive and fun; like with conventional cruise control, you have to set your cruising speed, but since ACC uses cameras and radar to determine distance from the vehicle ahead of you, you can also set your cruising distance. When the truck ahead of us slowed suddenly, ACC took us to a crawl without our even touching the brake, and when traffic cleared up, we were back to cruising speed without ever encroaching on the vehicle ahead of us.

The RDX’s smooth handling and easy-to-operate navigation had us back at the dealership long before we were ready to stop driving. Comfortable, roomy, and fun to drive, the RDX is a serious contender in the crossover segment.