Why Leasing an Acura May be Right for You

31 Oct

tlxtreesLeasing vehicles is gaining popularity among American consumers, but the concept still carries a stigma with many people. Yet with new car technology improving with each model year, and dealerships eager to offer competitive leasing programs, leasing makes more sense now than it ever has. And when it comes to leasing a luxury vehicle, Acura has you covered.

Many factors go into determining the cost of a monthly payment on a vehicle lease, but one of the most iron-clad and easy to deal with figures is residual, or resale, value. Since dealerships will end up selling leased vehicles at the end of a lease, the rate at which a lessee pays for the vehicle is dependent, at least in part, on how much a vehicle will depreciate in value over the course of the lease. What’s the best way, then, to ensure a great deal on a great car? Lease one that is likely to do the best job retaining its value. And what luxury brand wrote the book on value retention? That would be Acura.

tlxmountainsEdmunds.com annually recognizes the carmakers that best retain value five years after driving off the lot. Acura has won Edmunds’ highest honors in the luxury segment four years in a row, and this year two vehicles in Acura’s lineup, the ILX and the RDX, were recognized as having the best retained value in their respective segments. Since Acuras retain their value better than any of their competition, Acura dealers can rest assured that, at the end of a typical 24 or 36 month lease, the vehicles brought back to them will have lost less of their initial value than their competition, allowing them to offer highly competitive lease rates.

Leasing cars isn’t just for business owners; almost all of us at Butler Acura lease our vehicles. It’s hard to beat driving a new, luxury vehicle and only paying for the first few years of its value. Leasing isn’t for everyone, but if you would like to better understand the factors that go into deciding whether or not to lease or buy a vehicle, we would love to speak with you!