Why Do Acuras Retain Their Value So Well?

10 Jan


Car lovers can debate the ins and outs of different makes and models from sunrise to sunset. It’s part of what makes the car enthusiast community so fun, and part of why car enthusiasts love learning more about cars and trucks. But at Butler Acura, as we debate changes in vehicles over the years and the differences between the cars on our lot, one thing is beyond discussion: Acura is the industry leader in value retention among luxury carmakers.

Acura is a perennial champion of Edmunds.com’s annual Best Retained Value awards, which “recognize the brands and models that have the highest projected private party residual value five years after their launch, expressed as a percentage of their average True Market Value.” In the five years Edmunds has been dishing out these awards, Acura has taken home top honors four times. So what makes Acuras retain their value so well?

For one thing, they offer the sort of technology, comfort, and performance that retains value well at a better value than rival companies, meaning that the price an Acura sells at is naturally closer to the price it will be valued at a few years down the road. Luxury cars that are priced higher but offer similar comfort and performance will understandably experience a much steeper depreciation than Acuras, which offer incredible value within their segment.

For another thing, Acuras are very reliable, a trait they inherit from Honda. Unlike Honda, however, Acura has always been a very tech-forward company, meaning that in a few years, when competitors’ infotainment and navigation systems feel outdated, Acura’s technology stands a better chance of feeling contemporary.

So whether you buy new cars with their value retention in mind or enjoy leasing vehicles, which cost less monthly when they have a higher residual value, Acura may be the luxury brand for you!