Butler Acura is #1 in Customer Satisfaction Nationwide

23 Mar

tlx111When most people think of car dealerships, they think of well-dressed salespeople, rows of shiny vehicles, inflatable tube-men, or any of the other ways that businesses engage new customers. While all of these are important parts of what we do (with the possible exception of the tube-men,) the men and women that our loyal customers likely communicate with more often than our sales team, are the members of our parts and service team.

Every oil change, every tire alignment, every fender bender or routine maintenance that our customers experience is taken care of by a team of caring and capable individuals whom we take a great amount of pride in. We were given a reminder of how wonderful our Acura service team is this week, when we were notified that Butler Acura is currently the #1 Acura dealership in the United States in customer satisfaction.

While everyone from Molly, our receptionist and cashier, to Chris May, our Master Technician, deserves credit for this feat, it is Joe Butterfield, our Service Advisor, who holds our team together and deserves the heartiest congratulations.

When we let Joe know how proud we were of his achievement, he smiled and assured us that while it felt good to be #1, he also knows that every day brings new challenges. If ever there was someone we could count on to provide the best customer service possible day in and day out, it’s Joe. We couldn’t be prouder of the work he and our entire parts and service team do every day, and we look forward to more chances to outpace the pack in customer satisfaction.