Redesigned MDX Turns Heads

22 Apr

We loved Acura’s Precision concept car when it was unveiled in Detroit a few months ago. Acura’s lineup gets sleeker and better equipped every year, and the Precision concept looked like a sign that even better things were yet to come.

So, yes we were disappointed when it became apparent that the Precision concept was just that: a conception of upcoming Acura design cues, but not a future production vehicle. Well, we may have cried too soon, because the updated MDX that Acura recently unveiled is as close as an SUV can come to the concept vehicle we loved so much a few months ago.

The chrome grille that has characterized the front end of Acuras for years now is replaced by a variation of the black diamond grille teased by the Precision concept. The best-selling Acura, and best-selling 3 row luxury SUV, will also see a refresh to its body style, emerging looking more stately than ever.

And did we mention the hybrid option? As if a beautiful design wasn’t enough, the refreshed MDX comes with an optional hybrid drivetrain like that found in the upcoming NSX supercar, which will give the MDX additional horsepower while also making it more fuel-efficient.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the MDX will now come with all of Acura’s safety technologies, like Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning, standard. Not bad for a mid-life-cycle refresh, Acura. In fact, it’s the polar opposite of bad.