The Benefits of a Sibling Rivalry

29 Oct


Acura has been the only “luxury” brand in the Butler family of dealerships for nearly 25 years. Ford makes incredibly well-equipped trim options, and Kia and Hyundai had the luxurious K900 and Equus at the top of their respective lineups, but when J.D. Power awards come out, Acura stands alone among our 4 brands in the luxury column.

Until now. Because while Hyundai is still not trying to go toe-to-toe with Mercedes, Genesis, the luxury brand that is essentially Hyundai’s Acura division, is very much gunning for the German heavyweights. Its cars feature more real wood than many living rooms, its center console looks like a mix between a humidor and a spaceship, and its lines and emblem could both be mistaken for an Aston Martin’s.

And so this morning, when Hyundai took a turn hosting our weekly meeting, we got to spend a morning looking over the Genesis G80, and we have to admit it: for the first time, we have a little sibling rivalry going on.

The Genesis costs more, packs more horsepower and torque (if only by a slim margin,) and comes rear-wheel drive standard. Our TLX, by comparison, is slightly less powerful, comes in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive, and costs a good deal less than its new South Korean competition.

We’re happy for our friends at Butler Hyundai, and excited to get behind the wheel of the G80 and see who has the luxury sedan to beat!