A New Day is Dawning for Acura

29 Nov


Acura wowed the crowd at last January’s Detroit Auto Show with its Acura Precision Concept vehicle, a streamlined sports car that Acura offered as a glimpse into the future of their design language and brand philosophy. True to their word, Acura put the diamond pentagon grille from the ‘concept’ vehicle on the 2017 MDX, and plans to integrate more of the geometry and styling cues from that vehicle into future model updates and redesigns. In one exciting reveal, Acura pulled back the curtains on the future of their exterior design.

At last month’s Los Angeles Auto Show, Acura gave us an equally-exciting look at the future of Acura’s interior design. The Acura Precision Cockpit, which was on display completely devoid of exterior panels, is a fully-conceived imagining of where the next few years will take the parts of our vehicles we spend the most time interacting with: its seats, dashboard, windshield, mirrors, and center console.


The high-tech driver interface, which Acura says it plans to put in a production vehicle in the next few years, is so surprising in large part because it is completely realistic. Whereas most concept vehicles or technologies are designed to get customers excited about technology of the future; Acura’s cockpit exhibits technology that is already functional, highly intuitive, and looks ready for production.

The Precision Cockpit has no shortage of interesting features, but the one that really stands out is its use of touch screen technology. If you’ve ever driven a car that uses a touch screen in the center console, the odds are good that you’ve had to touch the screen located in the center console, directly beneath the windshield.

This system, unfortunately, lends itself to distraction and necessitates reaching toward the center of the car while driving to control air conditioning, music, and communications. Acura’s Precision Cockpit puts a touchscreen just in front of the push-button gearshift. The center console screen will still display options and features, but the touch screen by the gears will act like a laptop’s touch pad, allowing drivers to spend less time fumbling with the screen in front of them and more time keeping their eyes on the road.

From its insanely comfy seats (or so we’re told – Acura must have misplaced our invite to the Auto Show) to Acura’s new, Android based interface, we are very excited about the future of Acura interiors. We’re already getting phone calls asking when the Precision Concept car will be for sale – now we’re expecting calls about the Precision Cockpit!